Aztec's Treasure Slots

A twenty pay line progressive slot machine, Aztec's Treasure Slot is set in a historical period. It is a historically themed game of Betsoft, exploiting the historical period of the time of Aztec. As the name suggests it deals with its treasures and creates a world where you experience those times in the best way possible.

The Aztec's Treasure Slot is set in the Aztec period so it takes you back to those times and culture to enjoy them in an amazing way which makes you fall in love with the game as well. It is a no-download game, but can be played with many operating systems like; Linux, Windows and Mac. It has an attractively designed outlook of the old times and it takes you there for the complete experience.

The Aztec's Treasure Slot is based on the Aztec Tribal Chief of the Aztec civilization who is seen to be a ladies man in the game. Thus, the main target of the game remains to conquer villages of that time period and to impress women which makes it quite a popular one amongst the male population. However, such a storyline to the game adds a tinge of humor and lightness to the game which can otherwise be quite boring.

The symbols used in the Aztec's Treasure Slot depict the ones found in the Aztec time period. The authenticity of the copies created further makes the graphics and the idea of the game more believable. In addition to these you will find tribal music and sound effects which are not only catchy, but add to the ambience of that era. Added to these characteristics, the superb animations complement all of these features, making Aztec's Treasure Slot a complete package and experience to remember!

Aztec's Treasure Slot is a rather user-friendly game to play. It consists of clearly displayed betting icons alongside which are the entertaining bonus features which make it quite easy to play for anyone. The winnings are also clearly displayed on the interface while the graphics display a very meticulous attention to detail. Moreover, the symbols used to depict the Aztec tribe in the game include many such as, Masks, Neck Decorations, and Headgear. These additions bring Aztec's Treasure Slot even closer to the Aztec time period.

Aztec's Treasure Slot gives you two kinds of chances to win a bonus while playing in that historical setting. These two bonuses are as follows:

  • A wild symbol
  • A scatter coin
Other than these there are other bonuses in Aztec's Treasure Slot amongst which the most highlighted one include the Love Hut. You get three of those and you get to select gifts for two women whom the chief will bring to his Love Hut. In addition to these is a bonus that activates when you have collected three gemstones. What follows when you collect them? Well, play the game to solve this mystery!

Aztec's Treasure Slot is not a very complex game to play and is set up around fairly simple rules to follow. It offers a gradually increasing jackpot and some other rewarding features including the few bonuses that are the part of the game. So, one needs to play it using all these rules and with a presence of mind to manipulate all these bonuses in order to win the best amount possible! Well, there is only one way to know what is in store for you in this game. Go ahead and give Aztec's Treasure Slot a try. It will definitely be an experience worth remembering and winning is an added catch!