Bubble Bubble Slots

Bubble Bubble Slots is one of the latest, as well as largest online casino games, developed by the famous games developer RTG. The game is primarily designed around a scary and creepy theme. Despite looking a bit scary, the game is all about fun and entertainment. It is straightforward to understand what type of elements you can expect to see on Bubble Bubble Slots. There is almost everything that makes this slot a haunted place. You might see different sets of things like haunted house ride, dark forests rickety old buildings, spiders, candles, and all the spookiness related to the full moon night. There are some thematic icons and mischievous soundtracks to keep you interested in the game.

Let's Know More About Bubble Bubble Slots

The game is all about casting spells and winning huge. The most important thing about the game is, it can be played by even low limit gamblers with even a little amount in hand. If you want to have a test on the machine, you can use the "Free Version" feature to understand correctly about the symbols, rules, free spins, pay lines, and jackpot. It is always good to test the machine by playing a free version before putting some real amount. You don't need to download the game on your desktop or laptop. You will quickly find this exciting casino game on almost all casino websites.

The format of the Game

The Bubble Bubble Slots is a based on five-reel format using the famous 3X5 layout, including 50 paylines where you can create matching combinations to stand a chance to win prizes. Like most of the casino games, you can make matches from left to right across different paylines. Try to make sure there are three or more paylines at a time on the screen- it will increase your chances of winning big. Some highest value icons are also there to award small prizes even for having a couple of similar paylines on the screen.

Symbols, Combinations & Rewards

There are different combinations to be made using different symbols for a diverse range of prizes. You can match various implements like love potions, spell books, cauldrons, and creepy voodoo dolls for different smaller prizes. If you are a rookie or starting to play Bubble Bubble Slots, try to target smaller prizes initially. If you want to have large prizes, you will have to make combinations using hats, owl, and rats. Bats and cats share the maximum reward and are on the top among other symbols. If you can hit five of any one of these two simultaneously, you will earn an award of 1,000 coins.

Primary Symbols in the Game

  • Two Witches Symbol: This is the most potent symbol in the game. The Winni and Wanda symbol appear first on the first and fifth reels. These two can substitute for any other symbol on the game. If you can win anything during the activation of any one of these two, your winning prize will be tripled. And if both are together on the reel, your winnings will be boosted by nine times.
  • Greater Ghosts: Greater Ghost symbols are going to award you with 20 free games. Besides, there will be an additional nine wild ghosts' symbols. You can use these scary looking yet handy symbols anytime during the game to boost your winning amounts.
  • Ultra-Bewitched: Ultra-Bewitched symbol is capable of awarding seven free spins. It will also guarantee you at least one of the wild witches symbol which is only a win-win situation for any gambler.