Tally Ho Slots

Though its origins lie as a term used in fox hunting, Tally Ho as an expression became more popular during the Second World War. The exclamation was used by fighter pilots when an enemy aircraft came in view. It was also adopted as the motto for the 609th (West Riding) Squadron of the Second World War, and later by the 604th ASO Squadron of the US Air Forces in South Korea.

With a maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins ($50,000 at max bet) the Tally Ho appears to be a high paying slot with its high payout ratio. Tally Ho, like other video slots has its own scatter and wild symbols which interplay to throw up unique winning combinations.

Typically, the Tally Ho video slot uses symbols associated with the theme.


The scatter symbol has a special role to play in any online slot game. In the Tally Ho Slot game, the Roundel appears as the scatter symbol, granting 25 free games to a player when it appears on three reels during any spin. When activated, the icon turns to a video of a fighter plane gliding across the sky.

During the free Tally Ho Slot game, every prize gets multiplied by 3. Besides, the wins from a scatter are multiplied by the total bet.


The substitute comes in very handy when a set of symbols are almost 'there' for a winning combination. The Pilot is the substitute in the Tally Ho online slot and makes up for any other symbol in the pay line except the Roundels, the scatters. The Pilot is present only in Reels 2, 3 and 4.

Pay line

The Tally Ho Slots has 20 pay lines. Each pay line is a set of symbols arranged in a predetermined pattern which runs across the reels. The Help menu displays the pay lines, highlighting the winning pattern.

After a spin, if the player has hit a winning combination on a pay line, the same gets highlighted. Your win on that line will flash below the top menu bar just above the reels. You can refer to the symbol values in the Help menu to check how much you have won.

A spin may fetch you more than one winning combination. In such cases, all the winning pay lines would be highlighted, and the screen would flash the winning amount on each of the lines.

Auto Play

An option which allows you to define the conditions for an automatic run of the Tally Ho Slot game. You can strike on any of the parameters, which are: number of spins; stop when jackpot is won; stop if a win exceeds or equals; stop on any win; stop if balance increases by; stop if balance decreases by; stop once feature is triggered; and start Auto Play without showing this dialog.


Placed within the AutoPlay dialog as a separate button, it allows you to a full screen mode, regulate volume, have the dealer's voices on and adjust the card speed in the Tally Ho Slot game.


This closes the Tally Ho Slot game and directs you back to the opening menu or lobby of the online casino.


This shows the money you have in your account, and which can be used to place bets. So, with this interestingly put game, bring together your love for the prizes and play your luck alongside to get your hands on the reward Tally Ho Slots game has to offer!