Caesar's Empire Slots

In the list of many online games is the Caesar's Empire Slot game. Featuring Caesar and his empire as the name clearly states. It is indeed another amazing experience to add to your list of one when it comes to gaming and that too which helps you win money! Playing it is like being in the coliseum with Caesar and going through many adventures in order to get hands on your winnings.

Filled with adventure and action, Caesar's Empire Slot is a five reel, twenty slot game with fortunes hidden away in the Caesar's coliseum waiting to be someone as mighty as you! It is a game that awards bravery with payouts so be brave and fight to your last breath for those fortunes hidden away. With only a sword and a shield you are set to enter the world of the Caesar's Empire Slot to prove your bravery and love for adventure in order to win the hidden fortunes from Caesar.

There is not just this fortune, but the Caesar's Empire Slot has a lot more on line. Treasures, bowls of fruit and heaps of gold coins are there as well for you to gather and take away! So buckle up to become the great Roman Emperor and conquer many new reels.

Caesar's Empire Slot game has many features which makes it stand out amongst the many online games on the internet. Of the few that come up in the list are as follows:

Free Games

While playing the Caesar's Empire Slot, it gives you many chances to win free games. So go ahead, play the game and grab on to the chances you get! The added benefit with these free games is the prizes that you win would be doubled! The fun does not end just there for you though. You would be lucky if Caesar appeared on your screen because his appearance would award you up to five free games. So, play away those free games and get hold of more while you are at it!

Auto Play

This feature of Caesar's Empire Slot promises continuous spins for you. These auto play spins are played at the last game's bet and line selections. However, you have a control over these auto spins. Click away on the 'Stop Auto' button and it stops the auto play or it would occur of your balance reaches the amount of zero.


Play your luck on the Caesar's Empire Slot and get Caesar in a winning combination. It triples your prize!

Random Progressive Jackpot

It gets added to your wins at the end of the game!

Button Description

Caesar's Empire Slot has a few highlighted buttons in the game which make the game easier to play and more user-friendly. They are as follows:
  • Help - It presents the winning combinations, bonus rounds and game rules
  • Bet - It increases or decreases the bet per line/per game. Players can bet $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 per line
  • Auto play - It activates continuous spins until either the player stops it or the account balance reaches zero. Stop Auto play by clicking Stop Auto.
  • Lines - Players can play from 1 to 20 lines. The default for the game is 20 lines. Players must play lines sequentially (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and are not able to choose lines out of sequence (4, 16, 9, 20, etc.).
  • Spin - Play the game with current total wager.
So, get your chance to visit the colosseum of Caesars through the Caesar's Empire Slot and play away your chances to get your best win!