Crystal Waters Slots

Cleopatra’s Gold is a five reel, twenty pay line slot powered by RTG. It is part of the provider’s Real Series slots and also offers a Progressive Jackpot, which is one of the reasons why the Cleopatra’s Gold has become so popular among a great number of players.

The online slot machine game features a theme based on the Ancient Egypt and its mythology. The icons implemented by RTG on the reels have a special meaning and have been designed for a very certain purpose. They bring the atmosphere of one of the greatest empires in the human history to life in the Cleopatra’s Gold Slot machine for you to experience it to the fullest. Cleopatra’s Gold Slot brings you to the ancient world of Egypt and get a chance to explore Cleopatra’s riches. So play your luck to win her gold for your own self! It is your chance to play and get your hands on the riches, power and fame of ancient Egypt’s most notorious woman.

Game Features

As the name suggests, the Cleopatra’s Gold slot game is based on the Ancient Egypt’s mythology and culture of one of the greatest empires ever existed in the history of mankind. The graphics of the game excellently complement the sounds that contribute on a huge level to recreate the atmosphere of Egypt at the time of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s Gold Slot provides some fantastic features and characteristics, not to mention the fact that it also offers a Progressive Jackpot, which is considered as one of the major advantages of the slot. This added feature makes it a well-known online game and a reason it is famous amongst the players worldwide.

The players are also given the chance to choose from a great variety of denominations, which allows them to take a better care for their balance. Thus, making Cleopatra’s Gold Slot a game they favor to play over many others!

Standard Symbols

Apart of the special symbols, Cleopatra’s Gold Slot presents you a great variety of standard symbols. Among the more traditional, low-valued ones are 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

However, there several higher-valued symbols also, which are tightly related to the mythology of the Ancient Egypt and the ear of Cleopatra. These include the Cat and the Scarab icons, both of which were considered sacred in Egyptian culture and mythology. Other than these standard higher-valued symbols are the ones like; Ankh (Ansate Cross), which symbolizes fertility and the Eye of Horus, which is considered a symbol of power.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol in the Cleopatra’s Gold Slot is represented by the Cleopatra icon. The monetary prize granted to the player is doubled, in case that one or more Cleopatra icons are landed in a winning combination. In addition, the icon comes not only as a Wild, but also as a Jackpot Symbol, offering the largest fixed jackpot.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol in the Cleopatra’s Gold Slot is represented by the Pyramid icon. Because of the fact that the Scatter cannot be replaced by another symbol, including by the Wild, makes it a very special one.

Free Spins

The Free Spins Bonus Round is triggered once the player manages to hit three Scatter Symbols. The feature offers a total of 15 additional spins that are provided at a tripled payout scheme. Multiple free spins bonus round can be activated over the gameplay.

Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot provided by the Cleopatra’s God is hit at random in Cleopatra’s Gold Slot.

So, with these features and fun Cleopatra’s Gold Slot promises huge wins and fun!

Crystal Waters Slots

The Crystal Waters online slots returns to us with a well-used interface in majority of the Real Time Gaming slots but with more interesting features and images that are way more attractive and captivating. The game makers have integrated the topmost graphics and digital sound effects to bring alive sea-life on your computer screens so you enter a world of aquatic life. Sea turtle, striking black and white fishes, yacht, sea shells, dolphins and seahorses are the key images that the Crystal Waters Slot game revolves around to completely reenact the underwater world for you to experience.

The underwater life in the sea is full of energy to get you overwhelming rewards in the game. There are many catches in Crystal Waters Slot for you to experience.

  • The dolphins (wild symbol) play from one reel to the other to get you rewarding combos.
  • The yachts (scatter symbol) sail from one point to the other across the active reels to get you the multiple rewards and free spins.
  • The clown fish (bonus wild symbol) whirl all through the waters to get you multipliers of up to 16 times on your triggering bet.
  • Five images of easygoing sea-turtle combined with a symbol of dolphin can help you hit the highest jackpot of 4,000 chips.

The Crystal Waters Slot game has playful sounds in the background, adding to the wonderful experience of money-making. So, don't just hang your fishing rods in the sea and wait for these engrossing prizes to get hooked on its own. Rather dive in and delve deep into the mysteries of the sea presented to you in the Crystal Waters Slot game to come up with scintillating rewards submerged underwater.

Random Jackpot

Random jackpot is the magnificent feature on the Crystal Waters Slot which as the name suggests can get you random rewards at the end of the any game. After every spin, just pay attention to this random jackpot window hopping that it might stack your wallets with some great off-the reel jackpot prizes.

Crystal Waters Slot Free Spins Bonus Round

Free spins is one of those rewarding features in the game that will help you grab the whole lot free games of slots. In Crystal Waters Slot you can reach this wonderful platform of free spins if you are fortunate enough to spin three or more yacht symbols across the reels. It gets you 15 free games.

Pay lines

In the Crystal Waters Slot there are total 20 pay lines displaying different combos with generous rewards attached to them. So, it is your chance to play the game and get your hands on these amazing rewards.

The tropical paradise on the Crystal Waters Slots is swarming with rewards and bonus features. Dive in and swim through the majestic marine life to reveal the great prizes underneath. But make sure to be able to swim with the dolphins, sea turtles and seahorses to get increased rewards. Plunging into the sea of Crystal Waters Slot world without reading the rules can land you to complete confusion. So, carefully go through the various features that the game offers and understand the different rules that will help you get the most out of it.

Thus, with this beautiful world of the underwater which is otherwise out of our reach for usually, Crystal Waters Slot gives you a chance to experience it in the most intimate manner ever. Grab your chance, play the game and while living the aquatic life get your hands on mouth-watering rewards!