Megaquarium Slots

If you love the swimming and the world under the water, here is a casino slot for you. Megaquarium Slots is another beautiful piece of the seasoned campaigner, RTG. This five reel underwater adventure is going to give you some never forgetting experience. There is everything you can expect under the water. You are going to swim like a fish. You’ll have to go deep under the beautiful blue thematic world of water, where you’ll get to meet with really angelic water creatures.

During your time inside the water world, you will be offered with the spin to access mind-blowing free spin feature of the game. There is everything including excellent theme, eye-catching graphics, and soothing audio to make this slot a place full of fun and entertainment.

Swim Your Way to Win Big

The interface of the game is straightforward as well as a pleasing experience for the eyes. There are 50 win lines with different colorful and animated symbols. The background in the game also looks aesthetically appealing as well. You will feel that you are a part of virtual aquarium once you start playing the game. Everything in the game seems like moving in the water.

The reels are a little distracted when we talk about the gameplay, but overall, it is a decent place to be part of. Everything from controls, grid, buttons, etc. look very beautiful. Another positive of the game is the access to the control panel. Everything including the control panel in the game is, and you will find everything very easy and comfortable.

Bonuses and Free Games

There are plenty of bonus icons in the game. As much as five! That’s staggering because RTG is not known for providing that much bonus icons. The Fish icon is the most essential part of the slot that’ll give you as much as seven free spins during the initial parts of the game. Moreover, you’ll get more extra spins with every super game and super mega appearances of the fish. Most of the other icons in the slot are capable of appearing on specific reels only. That’s a little disappointment in the game. But for compensating that, RTG has set the minimum bet at 0.50 and the maximum bet at atrocious 500.00!

Progressive Jackpot

Megaquarium Slots is one of the very few slots with the progressive jackpot. Megaquarium icon itself is the progressive jackpot here. Although there are two different types of jackpots, you need to wait as well as a need to be a little lucky to have the chance of reaching either of the two jackpots. Unlike other RTG slots, jackpot is always wide open for all the playing gamblers; you’ll have to cash in the opportunity during the sudden appearance of jackpot.

You might think that there is the certain chance of getting to the Meqaquarium jackpot, but there is nothing like guarantee in this particular slot. So, you need a mix of luck as well timing to get to the progressive jackpot.

Should You Play this Slot?

If you are playing casino slots for a long time, this particular slot is not going to impress you. You’ll love to play something different. Maybe, Atlantis Wrath of Poseidon! But if you are a rookie gambler and trying to understand the world of casino gambling, this slot should be perfect for you. RTG has done slightly better with this game, but with the standard RTG has set for itself, at least we are not that much impressed with Meqaquarium Slot. Trying different things is not bad at all. But there is not much in the game except a beautiful world of the aquarium.