Football Frenzy Slots

If you love the world’s most popular game, football, then it is a time to get yourself into an entertaining and sporty casino slot. The Football Frenzy Slots already pleases a lot of football fans all around the world. There are plenty of different features and symbols in the game that makes it one of the most favorite casino slots for the football fans. You can win big prizes by playing this exciting casino slot.

All About the Football Frenzy Slots:

Football Frenzy Slots theme is all about the spectacular football stadium. You are going to enjoy the environment the theme is creating inside the screen. There are pre-match beers, whistles, scarves, a few highly entertaining female fans and much more. There is a scattered stadium as well. You need to find this scatter stadium. There are two different modes of Football Frenzy Slots. You can play in Striker Mode as well as Lucky Mode. Both of the modes are going to give you plenty of reasons to love this game. There are free games, prize multipliers, random progressive jackpots, as well as a Penalty Kick Bonus in the game. All the features allow you to grab the significant amount.

Stadium- The Theme:

Imagine a football stadium as the theme of a casino slot. How entertaining it would be! You don’t need to imagine, as RTG has offered you one of the most entertaining and thrilling casino slots of recent times. There are a lot of fans as the part of this exciting stadium theme. The pitch of the stadium is home for 5x3 reel grid with 50 pay lines. You are inevitably going to have an exciting experience with this game.

Do Different Things and Win Big:

You will have to do some different entertaining pieces of stuff like drinking beer, blowing whistles, wearing team’s scarves, and spotting the hot and sexy female fans among the crowd. Drinking beer will award you with up to 200 coins, whistles blowing as well as wearing the team’s scarves are equivalent to about 400 coins, while 500 coins will be awarded if you can spot the female audiences in the crowd.

The Sport of Symbols:

You will win 500 times your total bet if you can find the five Scattered Stadiums Symbol. Wild Striker Symbol appears on reel one or five and is capable of substituting for all other base symbols. It will double up all your winning amounts. If you are lucky to get even 3 Scattered Stadium Symbol, your Free Spin feature will be triggered.

You will be awarded triple prizes for all the free games in Striker Mode, while in Lucky Mode, you will get a chance of triggering more free spins at the end of any spin. The Bonus Ball in the slot is essential as well, if you get the Bonus Ball on five reels, you will be awarded Penalty Kick Bonus. All you need to do is to score penalties to make sure you are increasing the bet-multiplier prize.

Spin the Ball:

The free spin in the game is about spinning the football. The size of the spin or winning amount is entirely up to you and your luck. There are line-bets from 0.01 to 0.25 coins. The minimum bet is 0.5, and the maximum is 12.5.


This football based casino slot is a very exciting and entertaining casino slot. You are going to enjoy this slot thanks to some exciting features, gameplay, free spins and much more. If you are looking to try something different, this should be the best way to do so.