Lucha Libre 2 Slots

After their first successful venture, the wrestlers are back in Lucha Libre 2 Slots with a fierce vengeance. If you know anything about macho Mexican wrestling, then this is just the slot for you. It is both adventurous and eye-catching, and the punches and kicks are is aerobatic as you might find in present-day mixed martial art as well as freestyle wrestling of the Olympic variety. The first version of Lucha Libre 2 Slots was a hit among the casino gambling crowd, in this current sequel also stars Mr. Taco Male and his friend an opponent, Guacamolio.

Once again, this slot is made by RTG (Real Time Gaming) and adds itself to the current robust lineup of top slots such as Cash Bandits and Achilles. You will never get tired of the high flying acrobatic maneuvers as the two famous wrestlers go added without restraints. You can play Lucha Libre 2 Slots for literally hours on end without getting tired – as you march ever onward towards the championship and title in the free version of the game, or the loads of gold coins and cash prizes available in the paid version. To access the latter, you just have to download the casino software and create a login and password in order to receive the casinos Welcome Bonus and begin playing.

Although the sequel to this present game was gloriously detailed, Lucha Libre 2 Slots decided to update the graphics to make it competitive with the very best that Real Time Gaming has to offer. The symbols on the reels practically come alive; and include a green bell pepper, the wrestlers themselves, wrestling cards, referee, colored mascot, Apple cider and more. There's a Pick a Move feature that makes this just as much like a videogame as it is an online slot. For example, when you're presented with three moves from which to choose, you can pick either:

  • Spanko Especial - with this move, you can get up to 14 free games as well as a 2X multiplier to bump that up even further.
  • Supremo Foot of Fury - this move gets you 10 free games as well as a 2X multiplier; additionally you also get a single dose of the Mask of Fiery Doom Spin to improve your chances of winning something good.
  • Thunder Clap Bam Bam - landing this will correct the get you six free games and a double dose of the Mask of Fiery Doom Spins.

All of these prizes assume that you execute the move successfully on your wrestling opponent. If you fail then you still get a prize – but you lose a few of the free games. For example in the first option a loss causes your game to go from 14 to 12 free games; in the second option you go from 10 to 9 free games along with just one multiplier. With the final move, if you fail to execute it properly you still get 6 free games but you only get one Mask of Fiery Doom Spin. With Lucha Libre 2 Slots, you win something even if you lose.

With five reels and 30 pay lines, Lucha Libre 2 Slots has to fistful of symbols with varying amounts of cash available if you can line them up on the reels. In the first spot, we've got three of the highest paying symbols that are all worth the same: a wrestling belt, the gold championship cup, and the referee. For all of these five of a kind are worth 500 coins, four of a kind are worth 125 coins, three of a kind are worth 50 coins, and two of a kind are worth five coins each. Next in line we have the geeky, glasses wearing wrestling fan waving a banner for his favorite wrestler. As concerns this symbol, five of a kind unveiled a 200 coin win, four of a kind get you 30 coins, and three of a kind is worth 15 coins. Next we have Lucha Libre 2 wrestling trading cards. For five of a kind you receive 125 coins, for four of a kind you receive 25 coins, and for three of a kind you get a coins.

Somewhat uncharacteristically of of video slot, there are four low paying symbols which are all worth the same amount. These are the bottle of tequila, the apple cider drink, some kind of green animal, and the green bell pepper. For five of a kind you get 75 coins, for four of a kind you receive 20 coins, and for three of a kind you get five coins. There's actually a bit of a difference we notice when writing this article; the last two low paying symbols – that is the green animal in the green bell pepper – are actually worth 15 coins instead of 20 when you get four of a kind on the reels. Similarly for three of a kind of these two you get just three coins instead of five coins. It's a small difference, but these things tend to add up when you're playing throughout the night.

Play this awesome slot if only for the Lucha Libre 2 Fist of Fury Feature, where free spins are delivered left and right as long as you win them within the context of the free games garnered when the scatter symbols appear in the right order. If nothing else, try Lucha Libre 2 Slots today to see what they made a sequel. Enjoy!