Fu Chi Slots

Fu Chi Slots is one of the most timely Slots ever created by the world renowned and exceptional casino slot maker Real Time Gaming. If the name sounds a bit unfamiliar, don't worry – only Chinese people would know what it means immediately. Fu Chi is in reference to the year 2018, which is the Chinese Year of the Dog; and RTG is committed to making the celebration out of it in their ever-increasing drive towards diversity and recognition of cultures worldwide.

Why the dog, you ask? Well, even in the Western world, dogs are highly regarded as intelligent friends to man. More loyal than your average woman, there's a reason why dogs are known as man's best friend. In addition to being exceptionally smart and useful, the Chinese have long recognized the importance of dogs in social culture. In fact, on the Chinese calendar the Year of the Dog is specially marked out as 18 years after the turn-of-the-century. As such, you can expect man's best friend to feature strongly in Fu Chi Slots wherever you encounter it online.

The background theme consists of an old Chinese temple that could be mistaken for Japanese pagoda. Please recognize that the two cultures are vastly different – even though the surrounding sceneries are replete with fire works. The graphics in this slot are much better than usual, and represent a new era of slot making where visuals are concerned – as can be seen by the plethora of i-Slots and Real Series Slots.

Now let's see what you're in store for once you download the casino software and activate Fu Chi Slots. First of all, it's got 5 reels and 50 pay lines, which makes for a humongous slot even when compared to other large five reel games. The potential here is the various ways there are for you to win something if you choose to play every pay line. Although you do get to choose how many you want to play, veterans tend to suggest playing them all but picking a low coin size to keep yourself under budget. If you wish to play for free, then you don't have to worry about the monetary aspects it all – just had to the website and play the Flash version inside a supported browser.

Fu Chi Slots also has to jackpots for the dollars inclined gamer. Such jackpots are known as the Minor and the Major jackpot; the precise amounts that they hold are dependent on the number of pay lines you bet on at the beginning of the round. The Minor jackpot is almost always in the high hundreds of dollars, whereas the Major jackpot is almost always in the high thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, anyone of these – or both of them even – can be triggered at the end of any round that you're playing.

A few of the other beneficial attributes of Fu Chi Slots that behooves you to know are the fact that you can only win in the left to right direction except for scatter symbols; they pay in any direction. We've already mentioned the 50 variable pay lines, as well as the randomly appearing jackpots, so you're good with that information. Among the many all the looking symbols (inscribed in their native Chinese), you can recognize the Lucky Dog; this is the substitute symbol. The scatter symbol is the Zodiac; rather oddly all even the scatter Zodiac symbol can be replaced by the Lucky Dog wild symbol in this game.

Basically then, the Lucky Dog wild symbol essentially serves as a scatter symbol – which ultimately makes it a bit easier to trigger beneficial results. Additionally, the Dog doubles any wins in which it partakes when it replaces symbols to guarantee this. More money for you!

The Zodiac scatter symbol has other abilities that are separate from the wild; if you can manage to land three scatters, then Fu Chi Slots will reward you with a 15 free spin bonanza. If you're even luckier and for scatter Zodiac symbols appear at the same time, then that's 20 free spins to be used in your current game. As a five reel slot, the maximum number symbols that can go towards a win is five; as such, five Zodiac symbols delivers a huge 30 free spins to the lucky player. Remember to that if no Lucky Dog wild symbols appear during the winning combination, it is possible to spin the reels up to 60 times and potentially receive the scatter double bonus. It is not at all unheard of for some extremely fortuitous player to end up with 120 free spins in the Chinese themed Fu Chi Slots.

This is the way to go if you're real money player; after all, a prize of 30,000 times your single spin bet is more than worth the price of entry – especially since this price is mostly up to you when you choose a low coin amount and play all 50 pay lines. The free spins and double dose of jackpots await you in Fu Chi Slots.