Secret Jungle Slots

Secret Jungle Slots possesses 5 reels and 50 paylines of rip-roaring fun; it is a huge video game that has numerous ways to win, in a probabilistic sense. In fact, this probably plays a huge part of the reason why you can win up to 50,000 times your starting bet. The game has a Wild symbols, a Scatter symbol, Multipliers, Free Spins - but no Bonus Game. With such a huge money number available, however, it certainly does not need one to ratchet up your interest in real cash gaming. All it takes, in fact, is a little bit of interest to really get intrigued and play to win - should Lady Luck smile on you this gaming evening.

As for the inspiration for this slot, surely the theme has something to do with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; one of the major Hollywood hits in the last several decades. RTG (Real Time Gaming) is good for that, at least. As in that box-office smash, you’ll find yourself beset by adventure in a never ending drive to locate some lucrative pyramids, what with the treasures of long dead pharaohs entombed within. The pyramid, for the purposes of elucidation, is the Scatter and cannot be replaced by the Wild no matter what. The Idol symbols is the Wild, and it has a lot of awesome attributes - chief among which is the ability to triple your winnings when the combinations align in your favor.

Some of the other symbols include the lithe and powerful Jaguar; third-largest of the Big Cats from the Kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, family Felidae and genus panthera. There are also relics of valuable emblems long gone, lost to the vicissitudes of times (mostly). Because of the number of paylines and the variable high-paying symbols, it is recommended that real cash gamers play every payline; but vary the number of coins you play to control your financial input without limiting your shot at winning.

As for the free spins we promised, never fear - they are definitely here! If you can get 4-5 Scattered pyramid symbols on the board, then the reward can range from 8 to 88 free spins, or 18 as the in-between number. The winning multiplier can range from 1x to 10x in the regular rounds. With all this doubling and tripling of wins, it should then come as no surprise that such a potentially large sum is possible at the end of a round. Secret Jungle Slots has very few cons as a game, other than some players have reported it takes a bit sometimes to trigger the features - but then, others have reported the opposite. This is to be, of course, expected when playing an online slot; indeed, this is part of what makes it fun in the first place.

What an excellent and fun way to learn a bit about the ancient Mayans and their advanced civilization in which they discovered truths about medicine, astronomy and philosophy that extend even unto the present day. Their architectural designs persist the longest, however, and you can see the distinct nature of the art in the Secret Jungle Slot as the background theme. The foreground Amazon rainforest mural is inspirational; but don’t let that make you take your eye off the prize - which is loads and loads of riches that just might await you at the end of each betting round. Mayan princesses and warriors born are some of the other symbols, and each have their own payout amounts as outlined on the pay table that can be accessed at any time before, during and after playing each round. All that’s left, after reading this review, is to download the casino software and attempt to play your heart out in the hopes of tapping into the hidden treasures galore. Enjoy this RTG slot heartily.