Shanghai Lights Slots

Shanghai Lights Slots
There's a very good reason why Asian themed Slots pretty much dominate the competitive space and online casino games. People seem to really gravitate towards them – no matter what nationality they help from. Perhaps this is because they are always well-made, and filled with the intrigue endemic to the Oriental realms. Real Time Gaming loose Shanghai Lights Slots is very much in this tradition, and it offers players a lot to explore while having fun and potentially making money if they play for real cash.

More specifically, Shanghai Lights Slots takes place a few decades ago, when certain robust regions of Asia were in their heyday producing business tycoons and CEOs that dominated both the mainland and the Western Hemisphere. Fittingly enough, one of the industries that saw a lot of fortunes maiden loss in those days were hotels and gambling spots; that was back when the brick and mortar physical casino was Lord of all creation. Hotel tycoons feature strongly in this era as well, as the excessive amounts of trade that China was conducting with overseas nations brought people from far and wide to ply their trade and get their hands on the loads of money floating around by starting a business.

Shanghai Lights Slots has 5 reels and 50 pay lines, which makes a good slot to play if you're in it to win it. It's got something called super spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols and free games to ratchet up the intrigue even further than it already is with so many pay lines and options. The slot itself does a great job of capturing the whole Paris of the East moniker that the city of Shanghai gained in the late 1930s after its population surpassed the 3 million mark to certify itself as a World City. Of course, with such an influx of people, there arose a large criminal element because of the opium trade and gambling.

As far as the amount of money you can put into this slot, the coin amounts start at $0.01 and end with the top coin of five dollars per pay line. As such, if you consider yourself a bit better than you might as well wager the maximum $250 on each spin.

As for the primary symbols, we have the Wild which is a cocoon of neon lights that might represent some sort of themepark. Experts think it is places such as these were the ladies of the night and the gangsters spent all of the money they make from each other and from their illicit affairs. Nonetheless – you don't have to worry about any of that; onto the business of making money for real cash players. The Wild symbol only shows up on the third real during normal gameplay; it can replace all other symbols as a part of the winning pay line except for the scatter symbols. Concerning the scatter symbol itself, any wins in which it is involved are multiplied by your total bedding amount. For five of a kind of the scatter Dragon coin symbol, you get 50 free games. For four scattered Dragon symbols, you get three free bonus games and for three scatters you get to bonus games.

In Shanghai Lights Slots, there are a handful of high paying symbols, these begin with the Shanghai Lights signage symbol; five of a kind guarantees you 880 coins, four of a kind get you 250 coins, three of a kind get you 80 coins, and two of a kind releases a coins to you. Next we have what looks like a debonair Chinese gangster; for five of a kind of this symbol, you can make 800 coins; for four Chinese gangsters you get 250 coins, for three Chinese gangsters you get 50 coins and for two Chinese gangsters you get five coins. Another high paying symbol is the black suit wearing Chinese casino owner; five of a kind of this guy get you 800 coins, four of a kind of the Chinese casino owner get you 250 coins, three Chinese casino owners get you 50 coins and two of a kind get you five coins.

Before we forget the women – we want to avoid any claims of sexism, after all – the pretty Chinese waitress holding a wine glass isn't worth nearly as much as the man, but she still worth something. Five of a kind of the Chinese lady gets you 300 coins, four of a kind of her get you 80 coins, and three of a kind get you a coins. The last high paying symbol is also a girl; she's wearing an orange dress, and five of her appear on the reels you get 300 coins; if four of her shows up you get 80 coins and if three of her pair you get a coins.

The lowest paying symbols in Shanghai Lights Slots are the heart, the diamond, the Ace, and the spades. They are all worth the same amount; for five of a kind you get 80 coins, for four of a kind you get 20 coins, and for three of a kind you receive five coins. Why not give Shanghai Lights Slots a chance – it's a colorful and bright escape from the real world for a night. Download today and see how your luck holds up.