Three Stooges II Slots

If you have an idea about the Three Stooges characters, you can recall how funny and entertaining the American Slapstick Trio was. The trio had people on their toes in the twentieth century, solely because of their excellent sense of comedy in a very successful series of short films. It doesn’t matter where the people and what were they doing, everyone was busy discussing about the hilarious trio of the Stooges. After a very successful and memorable time with the television, the Three Stooges are now entering the world of Casino Slots thanks to the RTG’s incredible decision to give people a glimpse of the funny trio. You will find it very funny and entertaining after spending your time with the trio of Larry, Curly, and Moe.

The Three Stooges II gives you a plethora of chances of winning huge amounts primarily due to its unique 3-fixed pay lines format. The slot offers you everything you need to make your ordinary day a great one. From Free Games to bonuses, exciting prizes, to multipliers and much more. You will be seriously amazed after knowing that there are as much as three Progressive Jackpots in the slot. Yes! How many slots you’ve seen with three Progressive Jackpots? That’s how incredible this slot. Isn’t it worth trying and giving yourself a chance of winning big? The Biggest Jackpot in the game resets at $300, while the Major Jackpot at $200, and the third or Minor Jackpot resets at $50.

Much More to Look at:

There are as much as three Progressive Jackpots in the slot. It doesn’t matter; you don’t have anything exciting more than only three jackpots. The Three Stooges II is one of the best and biggest online casino slots that can increase your winnings by multiplying your per line bet by as much as forty-five thousand times! That’s how incredible this slot is! It matters a lot to come on the top of the rank, but somehow if you are unable to do so, you’re always in a win-win situation thanks to the incredible features of the slot.

Three Unique Characters You Need to Understand:

If you want to have a great chance of winning a significant amount, you need to learn about the three characters and their significances in the game. Without that, it will be like throwing Bone- Arrow in the air. You need to hit at least three Curly’s Cashola to earn nine free games, where all the prizes get doubled. If you can hit three or more Larry’s Stash, you will get to the special bonus round, where you are going to have a lot of rewards.

If you land on the three Moes successfully, you are going to have more chances of pocketing the considerable cash rewards. There are as much as 100 free games offered in this stage that is going to be multiplied by 10. You are also going to have a lot of free games during different stages when you have landed successfully on the Moes.

Wild Symbols and Autoplay:

Three Stooges II symbol itself is the wild symbol in the slot, and it is capable of replacing all other symbols except the incredible trio of Larry, Curly, and Moe.

If you want to give Three Stooges a little more freedom, hit the Autoplay button when it is active.


Three Stooges II Slots is one of the very few casino slots with an entirely different set of rules and symbols. The three Progressive Jackpots are the highlight of this casino slot from RTG, and there is plenty to look at. So, try out the brand new online casino slot and start getting some awesome rewards.