Fantasy Mission Force Slots

Fantasy Mission Force Slots is an ode to none other than one of the finest martial arts actors of all time in Jackie Chan. The setting is the 1980s, when these types of action movies were just coming into their heydey before the 90s saw them be lost to the receding waves of time. To have a game like this be made correctly and with a maximum of concomitant flare, you want it to be programmed by Real Time Gaming. As such, you know that it will be action-packed and fun to play in all seasons - which it, indeed, is. You’ll even find some quirky scenes that might make you laugh out loud, such as the great kung fu specialist holding an unwilling chicken in his hands as he fights through tons of wicked enemies.

Fantasy Mission Slots has 5 reels and an average 20 paylines (as in, most 5 reel video slots that you see these days will have about this many betting lines). You can bet as little as a penny on each of the paylines, and as much as a quarter. Then, if you choose the statistically wisest option of staking a monetary claim on each of the lines, then the lowest amount is 25 cents in total or $5 in total. Clearly, Fantasy Mission Slots is intended for those with smaller bank accounts to feel comfortable with.

The symbols include Jackie Chan, himself, rifle bullets, a telescope, a morningstar weapon, a bad guy, single prop plane, an old style handgun and others. The Wild symbols is a briefcase full of cash and it can appear on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. It serves to aid you in acquiring winning combinations by substituting for others, and also doubles the impending result when it does so. The Scatter symbol is a stick of dynamite, and it cannot be rebuffed by the Wild. Any wins in which the scatter symbol is involved are multiplied by the total betting amount. If you get 5 scatters, you’re in for a prize of 200 credits; 4 scattered sticks of dynamite grant you 15 credits, three of them get you 5 credits a a single stick of dynamite is worth a single credit.

Although you can find the value of the symbols in the in-game paytable, it is instructive to see them here first so that you know what you’re in for. The highest paying symbol is the smoking lead villain; for five of a kind he gets you a considerable 2500 credits. For four of a kind, he’s worth 500 credits, for three of a kind he returns a value of 10 credits and for two of a kind he gives you 5 credits. The next icon on the list of paying symbols is the gun-toting soldier with a scar underneath his right eye. For five of a kind, he delivers 1000 credits, for four of a kind he nets you 125 credits, three of a kind returns 75 credits and 2 of a kind favors 3 credits. Next up we have the woman playing with the big boys symbol; she appears to be on Jackie Chan’s side. Five of a kind is good for 500 credits, four of a kind is good for 75 credits, three of a kind vents 15 credits and two of a kind, two credits. Lastly, we have Jackie Chan holding a chicken or rooster icon; he delivers precisely the same amount of credits per number as the woman does.

You’ll want to play Fantasy Mission Force Slots long enough to hit the dynamite free spins, for they shall get you closer to the Promised Land. They descend on to the game if you can land a scatter symbol along with a wild symbol - on the first and fifth reels, respectively - and are subject to the retriggering attribute that’s responsible for so many huge wins by real money gamers. It’s also possible to have an extra 7 free spins appear even as you’re using the current ones. The animations involved here are really fabulous, too, since they are related to the natural function of the icons - there’s a big KABOOM! Once the stick of dynamite works its magic in the free spins round.

Lastly, there’s a Progressive Jackpot to keep an eye out for. It’s of the random variety, so you never know when it’s going to show up - but on the good side, it can appear no matter how the game has been so far. Thus, you are essentially never out of the game when playing this video slot for real money. But of course, loads of fun are possible without putting a financial stake in Fantasy Mission Force Slots; just open up your Chrome or Firefox browser to the casino website and look for the Instant Play button. It’s ready to play at your earliest convenience.