Aladdin's Wishes Slots

Aladdin’s Wishes Slot is a five-reel online video slot. It brings alive the well-known story of Aladdin and takes you away to his world. Giving you a chance to experience the magic of Aladdin’s world while winning prizes for your own selves. Giving you a ride on the magical carpet, Aladdin takes you to his world where you have the time of your life!

Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Machine can be enjoyed for real money or fun money. As you wish to proceed with it. You are taken to discover the magic lamp and make all your wishes come true at the Aladdin’s Wishes Slot! It brings you challenges to compete and win your deserved lottery right there! So take a chance and get your winnings!

Bringing to life the classic tale, Aladdin’s Wishes Slot game is complete in its own way with randomly triggered progressive jackpots, wild multipliers, free games and scatter feature. All becoming a part of this amazing world of Aladdin’s. A glimpse into the magic of such huge winnings that would not only be fun, but would dazzle you in the best way possible.

However, remember! Aladdin’s Wishes Slot is a no-download game. So, if you were planning to download it and play, sadly that is not going to happen. Instead, turn on your internet and get down to winning incredible prizes and that too in the magical way! This casino game is a ride you really want to take and would not like to miss out on a chance such as this one.

Keeping up with the theme, Aladdin’s Wishes Slot includes characters to help you out while you are playing. Alongside everyone’s favorite genie and Princess Jasmine, you play and form a team with them to take up on your magical carpet ride. Other than these two reliable and well-known characters of the classic, there are several others you will come across. With obviously the lead character Aladdin himself, you would find his monkey, his Arabian swords and many other relatable symbols reminiscing the fairytale.

Thus, with all these additions and inclusion of such features Aladdin’s Wishes Slot revolves around Aladdin’s story hence promising a magical journey which would make life fun and interesting. With its amazing features and awesome experience this game has been a favorite of its fans for over ten years now. With superior animations and sounds, the Aladdin’s Wishes Slot stands out and catches your attention when you get to these games.


Not so surprisingly, Aladdin’s Wishes Slot has a bonus that is called Aladdin’s Wishes Feature where you get to choose from five lamps. These lamps include many amazing prizes to unlock. Some containing cash prizes which are awarded as multipliers and paid based on your total stake. These magical lamps also include twenty-five free spins which is nothing less than a dream come true for Aladdin’s Wishes Slot lovers!

The big money comes through these free spins so keep looking for them! There is also a scatter symbol around in the game and when you come across it, take your leap of faith without any hesitation! It returns a small win as soon as you trigger it, but that is not where it ends! Finding a trigger increases your probability of coming across another one and if your luck allows, you might just come across a better one as well!

Well, with its twenty pay line progressive slot in real time gaming, Aladdin’s Wishes Slot is an experience worth having and sharing! It gets you addicted to the magical experience and well-crafted characters.