Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots
Aren’t the movies and games based on cops chasing robbers are interesting? No one would want to be a robber in life, but playing a similar fantasy character is something you would love to play. Cash Bandit Slots is developed by RTG especially for those who want to play the baddie character in a scenario where the cops are chasing the robber(s). If you love to be a part of this thrilling scenario, you can have a look at Cash Bandit Slots. Join the Cash Bandits’ team and rob as many as vaults you can. You will be awarded huge prizes for doing some crazy stuff. So, put your gang together and dare to loot expensive pieces of stuff like guns, police cars, cops’ doughnuts and much more. You are undoubtedly going to enjoy this game primarily due to the theme based on thrilling cops and robbers chase.

Gaming Rules Matter in This Crazy World As Well

The crazy Bandits’ don’t care about the laws and law books. You need to do the same in the game. Laws and rules don’t necessarily apply in the world of games, and the world of Cash Bandit Slots is all about breaking the rules. But before start playing the game, you need to learn a bit about game rules to understand what you need to do once you enter the contest. This is a 25-pay line slots game including a couple of jackpots. The major jackpot resets at $1,000 and minor jackpot at $250. The exciting Vault Feature gives you a chance to score up to 90 free games along with 12 times prize multipliers.

How to Play

You can start playing by choosing a bet and line selections. You can use up and down arrows to do so. There are options of $0.01 to $5 bet per line. You can play anywhere between one and 25 lines. If you are looking to lock your bet, you need to hit the spin button. It will be great to start playing all 25 pay lines. But if you are a rookie, start with a minimum bet and increase the bet slowly with the progress of the game. If you can win the lottery, keep expanding it, and in case you’re losing continuously, keep your bet at the minimum. There is a free game offered in the game as well. You can learn all about the game by playing a free game. So, start playing with some luck!

Better the Strategy, Higher the Chances of Winning!

Just like all other games, you need to have a clear and better strategy in Cash Bandit Slots as well. However, the game is not something very complicated or uneasy to understand; you should be clear in your mind about your strategies regarding betting. One of the most critical points of minimum bet is already discussed earlier. Another important thing is regarding the lone free game. Don’t take this free game lightly. It can be a bar of gold for you if you can learn all about the game properly. So, use the free game feature wisely.

Symbols and Rewards

Each Spin holds much importance. If you can steal the cop’s microphone, doughnut, or handcuffs, you will get 100 coins which will help you to perform the next big task. The gun gives you 250 coins, sirens and getaway offer you 500 coins and recruiting the other robbers successfully will award you 800 coins. If you are smart enough to avoid the cop, you will be awarded 1,250 coins, and there are 1,500 coins for turning over the bank. Higher the number of coins, the higher the chances of winning a significant amount. So, keep looking for maximum coins at every level of the game.