Swindle all the Way Slots

When it comes to Real Time Gaming, you can be confident that a great game is always on the way. Swindle All the Way Slots is yet another winner from the acclaimed and award-winning casino games software provider; and it is always a big hit as the holiday season nears. It is a very funny theme, in which two thieves - Home Alone style - invade an empty house on Christmas morning in order to take all the gifts from the stockings and from under the Christmas tree. These greedy burglars are not only after your holiday season, they plan to ransack the entire block of middle income, well-to-do homes. Can you stop them?

Where did they come from, you ask? Why, prison, after all! These two good for nothing thieves recently escaped from the nearest jailhouse, and are looking to take full advantage of the most lucrative time of the year. Although the subject matter is troubling, this is a gambling video slot for adults after all, and you can handle it - in fact you'll even get more than a few laughs out of the bumbling, cartoonish hoodlums. Their antics are displayed over the five reels and 25 pay lines of this larger than average slot, which promises a good time for the committed gamer.

The story here is what will capture your imagination and keep you locked in the game. It's a Christmas story that keeps on giving, as you make your rounds around the neighborhood and an attempt to stop the thieves from ruining the holiday season. As head of the neighborhood crime watch, it is your duty to stop them in their tracks and apprehend the bad guys using the symbol combinations that show up when you're on a lucky streak.

As for the symbols themselves, you will find several festive icons as well as the poker symbols well represented on the board. There's a roaring reindeer or dog, a portrait of the two burglars, a newspaper detailing their escape, the Swindle All the Way banner and more. You can choose to play between one and 25 lines at the bottom of the screen, as well as autoplay in order to sit back and relax while the reels spin the night away. This slot also has several bonus rounds, some multipliers, free spins, wild symbols and scatter symbols - along with being a progressive jackpot. In sum, Swindle All the Way Slots is a real money players dream.

The Scatter logo or banner symbol is there to help you launch the bonus feature. To get this, you are required to have a minimum of three Swindle All the Way Slots banners on the reels at the same time. The appearance of the sweet spot causes the entire gameboard to change into a house with 15 windows; the burglars are apparent through some of the windows and a ripe for the plucking. Depending on which burglars you uncover and on which reels, you can unlock multipliers and bonus rounds. For example, if you get three icons then you reveal a single pick, if you get for icons you granted to pics - the same with five Swindle All the Way banner icons.

The other wild symbol of the two available are the burglars; they can replace any other symbol except for the Swindle All the Way scatter logo.All that's left to do now is to download the casino software in play for cash if you so desire. The alternative, which is to use the Instant Play button casino website is also a good choice that guarantees you'll have a lot of fun tonight. It's up to you to save Christmas, so make haste and fire up your mobile device to begin playing now.