Popinata Slots

Popinata Slots is a riveting and exciting slot machine from well-known casino games giant Real Time Gaming. The theme incorporates many fruitful colors into the famous Mexican piñata that usually harbors candies and prizes in real life. But in this digital realm, the piñata holds the keys to your dreams if you can get the correct symbols to show up in the right quantities on the reels. Not only are there some serious prizes available in the form of cash, but there are also unlikable attributes in the game that make it more fun to play – which is especially important for those who choose not to play for real money.

With five reels and 10 pay lines, Popinata Slots goes for broke when it comes to delivering the goods. Although there are of course larger slots out there, this one still has a pretty good number of ways for you to win with combinations. The symbolic animals are all primed and ready to be smashed to bits with your digital backs, in order to release the hidden treasures within. As for what that huge smiling animal in Popinata Slots is, it's the hybrid horse known as a donkey. Although in real life donkeys are infertile, in this slot, the donkey is capable of birthing some serious prizes. Okay that's quite the stretch – but as you can see, we are very excited about this RTG slot.

In this little diversion, we detail the monetary amounts that are available for real cash gamers. You can put down as little as $0.10 and as much as $2.50 per pay line, which means that everyone from the frugal to the highroller can get in on the action for real cash. Among the many symbols in the game are wild icons, scatter icons, expanding wild icons, as well as sticky wild icons. As usual, the wild symbol can replace any other similar the game to help you complete a winning pay line – except for the scatter, which pays out its own unique amounts depending on how many you can line up on the reels.

In Popinata Slots, the winds proceed in both the left to right direction and the right to left direction – in online casino Slots Mingo, we call this an All Ways Pays slot. If you're any good with numbers and statistics, this tells you that there are vastly more ways to collect than in other games that only pay in the left to right direction. As for the games huge jackpot opportunity, is unleashed only for the lucky, and produces a 250 X multiplier if the right characters appear in the right quantities across the game board.

The theme of this game is, itself, a template to behold: the background night sky is full of exploding and twinkling stars, as might appear in an Arizona desert where the seeing is good. There's one cactus here and another cactus there too dot the arid horizon and provide what little greenery that the creatures of the waterless desert desire. Of course, the human touch is quite apparent in this region because the cacti are decorated like a festive Christmas trees. Party streamers flit all about, as if someone just blasted a piñata open and let everything fly loose. There's a very nice touch on the bottom of the gameboard with a Mexican hat – known as a sombrero – serving as the Auto spin button.

Check out the games pay table to become familiar with the values of the red chili pepper symbol, the cactus symbol, the bubbly champagne symbol, the musical guitar, sandwich, donkeys, and blasting rocket signs. There's a full list of directions and everything you would need to play responsibly and in an informed capacity right there inside the game.

The most lucrative symbol in the game is the cactus and if you can manage five of a kind with this one, you'll receive a 250 multiplier on your original bet. That means that, if you put them $2.50 per spin at the very beginning, you can add a $625 jackpot with the cactus. Similarly, the red chili pepper is also a high-value icon; it's worth 120 multiplier for five symbols in a row and pays out a varying amount depending on how much you bet her nine. The other symbols range between 60 and 25 times your beginning bet 45 of a kind. Ultimately, Popinata Slots is a lot of fun even in the non-money version - check it out for yourself.