Monster Mayhem Slots

As the name suggests, the Monster Mayhem Slots is not less than a blockbuster story of monsters. This exciting slot is going to take you on a journey of complete destruction and war. The monsters, wars, demolitions, etc. are all about the theme of the game. It isn't something like you have to fight hard to get the winnings. Developed by the casino slots masters, RTG, the game gives you a lot of chances to grab big winnings especially thanks to the double progressive jackpots in the game. There is plenty to cheer about like two progressive jackpots, as much as ten free-spins, two wild symbols, and a great chance of winning 25,000 coins.

The game is based on not so common but very special 50 pay lines format. The format of the game gives you more chances of winning. The more lines you choose for betting, higher the chances of getting large amounts. The rules of the slot are elementary and straightforward like all other casino slots, and you can place your bet anywhere from the lines 1 to 50. You have a great chance of winning huge credits, all you need to do is to understand the game, choose your bet and move in a right direction. If your luck is with you, you might grab a lot of amount in this exciting two progressive jackpots slots.

The Bonus Feature:

The Bonus Feature in the game is very exciting, and if you are successful in using it wisely, you can become the big champion of the Monster Mayhem Slots. You will get the bonus feature triggered when you put the "Smash" on the first line, and "Crash" on the fifth line. The Bonus Feature will multiply your winnings significantly, and it will also award you some free rounds. So, use the Bonus Feature accurately in the slot to stand a great chance to win massive amounts.

Wild Symbols in Monster Mayhem Slots:

The fast and fuming monsters, Smash and Crash are the two wild symbols in this casino slot. You will have to align the Smash symbol on line one and the Crash symbol on line five to activate the bonus round of the game. When the bonus round is active, all the lines except line one and five will re-spin up to ten times. During the re-spins, all the winnings get multiplied by the number of re-spins you have.

Monster Mayhem Slots' Scatter Symbol:

The City Symbol in the slot is playing as the Scatter Symbol. The appearance of this symbol is going to multiply your winnings decently. All the scatter are going to be multiplied by the total bet, and it will be automatically added to your winnings.

The Autoplay Feature:

Monster Mayhem Slot also offers you a unique Autoplay Feature. You can select the number of spins to run automatically, and it is undoubtedly going to give you a great chance of getting the more substantial prizes.

Two Progressive Jackpots:

There are very few casino slots with two Progressive Jackpots, and Monster Mayhem Slot is one of them. You will get two progressive jackpots- major and minor to increase your winning total immensely.


Everything about Monster Mayhem Slot is just exciting. From the monster based theme, to the gameplay, 50 pay lines, two wild symbols, the auto play feature, and a couple of progressive jackpots. There are enough reasons to try your luck in this game. With a little favor of luck, you can have a great chance of winning substantial amounts. So, thrill yourself with exciting features of the slot and grab the big prizes.