San Guo Zheng Ba (Three Kingdom Wars) Slots

In all of recorded history, there were few regions that were more war-torn than ancient China. San Guo Zheng Ba Slots is an ode to these ancient times, and the sheer beauty of the graphical display suggests that slot maker Real Time Gaming pulled out all the stops in order to bring this one to fruition. It's got 5 reels and 50 active pay lines that are not fixed; which means you can choose any number of them up to 50 to play at the time. Additionally, San Guo Zheng Ba Slots has free spins, a couple of bonus games, is available on your favorite mobile platform (this means Android, Windows, and Apple) and a maximum huge jackpot of 50,000 coins.

There are a multitude of warriors on the screen, and there clad in all manner of colored armor that signifies their ancient allegiances. They've even got some woman warriors on the reels – despite the fact that we all know that never happened in antiquity. Any ancient fighting force would have loved to see the other side put women on the battlefield, frankly. San Guo Zheng Ba Slots is also known as the Three Kingdom Wars, since it pits a triumvirate of kingdoms together on the battlefield in an everlasting fight for supremacy of the ancient Orient. It was a time when the Chinese Emperor was losing his power, and various generals in separate parts of the kingdom came together to battle it out.

On the gaming front, San Guo Zheng Ba Slots puts in expanding wild symbol on the reels to help you garner the free spins that are so essential to a proper chance at winning the big jackpot. In fact, you can run into a quintuplets of wild reels, in which the highest paying symbols work in conjunction with the substitute symbol to triple your payout. Of course, it is possible to play San Guo Zheng Ba slots without putting any money forward; the Instant Play option is available right on the casino website using a supported browser. For real money players, however, you will have to download the casino software – but the good news here is that you will be eligible for the Welcome Match Bonus to perhaps win your first few games. It's the luck of the draw; but you cannot win any cash if you do not play with cash. This reality is made smoother by the fact that you get a casino bonus to start if you meet the minimum deposit requirements. Additionally, you’ll open up the option of further promotions once inside the casino lobby.

With the play for real money option, remember that the 50 pay lines are not fixed; the only other alternative is that they are variable – which means you can easily control how much of your bankroll you use without suffering the consequences of playing with too little money. Just pay attention to the allowed coin amounts and you should be good. The Colorful Empress is the highest paying symbol, and she awards the huge jackpot if you can get her on the reels with the special symbol.

If you get five of a kind of the Colorful Empress symbol on the reels, then you've got yourself an 888 coin victory. If you only get four such symbols, you've still got a 250 coin prize awaiting you, three Empress symbols releases 80 coins and two Empress symbols get you eight coins. Next up we have the Red Warrior of Chinese descent; five of this symbol get you 800 coins, four of them get you 250 coins, three of them get you 50 coins and two of them get you five coins. The Golden-clad Warrior Woman symbol gives you the exact same numbers as the Chinese Red Warrior icon. The following mid-level paying symbols give you equal amounts, too. There are the Chinese Green Warrior and the Chinese Purple Warrior; five of a kind gives you 300 coins, four of a kind gives you 80 coins, and three of a kind gets you eight coins.

In San Guo Zheng Ba Slots, a Golden-Red Dragon serves as the wild symbol and he appears normal games. He only shows up on the second reel, and can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter icon. The scatter icon is represented by what looks to be the Emperor. If you can get five of him on the reels, and you get 50 free games. Getting four of him results in substantially fewer games with three Free Game Bonuses available. Three Emperor icons get you to free game bonuses. There are also some multipliers involved; check the games pay table to learn more.

San Guo Zheng Ba Slots is a relatively new game from Real Time Gaming but it is available for free play and pay play right now. It's got some really high reviews from multiple websites, as online casino gamers flock to the best online casinos to give this colorful gem of a video slot a try. Download now and see if you agree; San Guo Zheng Ba Slots is open for business.