Cai Hong Slots

Cai Hong Slots is nothing if not a joy to behold; this new Oriental Slot with the Asian theme has 5 reels and 30 paylines, which makes it larger than the average video slot. As for what it means, always remember that Chinese names do not translate precisely into the English - especially when they haven't been Anglicized properly. For brevity's sake, you can think of Cai Hong as referring to something that is simultaneously a creative force and even-handed. Some might even say light-hearted.

This bonus slot is often played for money; but not always. The free version is available without download from the website, as long as you're using the Firefox or Chrome browsers. Windows might work, as well, if you're using the personal computer (desktop). For real cash players, the coin sizes are a penny, two cents, five cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and $1 per payline. Thus, you can play all 30 paylines for at least 30 cents, or at most $30. There's a single coin allowed per line in Cai Hong Slots.

Some of the many properties that this game has include a potential 15x multiplier feature, a chance at 33 free spins in the bonus game, and undiscovered goodies in the entitled Free Games Feature. The software was created by none other than Real Time Gaming, and possesses such icons as the lucky Dog, the multi-hued Rainbow, a mighty tiger and the God of Wealth in Chinese mythology (whether it's Mandarin or Cantonese is anyone's guess). This just touches the surface of the symbols contained within the game; there's also the lucky number 8 and a giant Kodiak bear icon.

All of the symbols are awash in varied colors, making this a very bright slot to behold. When juxtaposed with the blue sky and white clouds in the background, you really get a sort of serenity just from playing it. The Wild symbol is the God of Wealth, and he can replace all other symbols except for the Scatter icon (which is a complex Chinese character). The Wild also doubles the prize when it plays a part in making it a reality. As for the value of combinations on the reels, five of a kind of the Wild symbol guarantees you 10,000 coins, four of a kind gets you 2500 coins, three of a kind gets you 250 coins and two of a kind is worth a pretty hefty 10 coins for such a small number of combinations. As for the Scatter symbol, five of a kind is good for 500 coins, four of a kind is good for 20 coins, three of a kind is good for 5 coins and two of a kind results in a 2 coin win. Scatter wins are increased by a single multiplication factor that's dependent on the total bet you made at the beginning of the game for that round of play.

Besides the Wild and the Scatter symbols, you should know what you're in for with the remaining high-paying icons. The tiger, for example, serves up a huge boon to players who are lucky enough to land it. Five of a the tiger icons results in a 750 coin win, four of the tiger icons gets you 125 coins, three of the tigers results in 25 coins and two of the tiger symbols results in two coins. If the God of Wealth appears in conjunction with any of the tiger symbols, he doubles the prize at every level of icon numerations.

The rooster (also known as a cock) symbol is next in line with five of a kind returning a 750 coin win, four of a kind getting you a 125 coin win, three of a kind being worth a 25 coin win and 2 of a kind for two coins. Although the tiger and the rooster are valued at the same level, for some reason Cai Hong slots treats the tiger as being the primary symbol in the pay table. Apparently, someone in the Real Time Gaming software department has a soft spot for Panthera tigris.

As hinted at the beginning of this review, Cai Hong Slots has a bevy of special features - which is not uncommon for a slot of this size. The first one is the Free Spins Feature, which requires three of the special character rainbow Chinese symbols to appear on the reels at the same time. If more show up, then you get a more substantial feature. For three, though, the prize is 8 free tries at the slot, with the resulting prizes doubled in value. Since this feature can be retriggered, it could also lead to even more free spins while the initial set is ongoing. Multipliers also feature prominently here, with several of them joining the party in the special feature. If you hit the magic combination of scatter icons once again, then you'll receive 15 additional spins.

With the ability to garner a 50,000x win (the x is based on your current bet), Cai Hong Slots is one to play for real money if you play at all. Try it out for free in the free mode first hand to get a grip of the game essentials; but don't fool around too long so as not to waste any of your luck that day! Play it today and take a chance on this RTG video slot - it's open for gaming right now.