Asgard Slots

Although if you were to ask the random person which ancient pantheon of gods are the most popular, Greek might be the answer - there's little doubt that Asgard would come in second place every single time. The gods Thor, Odin and Heimdall have more or less become indelible fixtures in modern stories and motifs; this is no greater evidenced by the video slot Asgard Slots. With 5 reels and a numerous 25 paylines, there's a host of ways to win in the statistical sense, even though this slot pays only in the left to right direction for combinations.

Asgard is, specifically, from the Norse and represents the myths, traditions and culture of the Viking era and before. It has seeped deeply into Western culture because of the connection to the European continent and Anglo-Saxon perspective; much of this is displayed in the slot, itself. The wagering scheme, which is of interest to real cash players, is a minimum of $0.01, and a maximum of 50 cents per paylines - which comes out to 25 cents for all paylines at the low end and $125 for all paylines at the highest end.

The symbols on the reels include Odin the Allfather god, Thor the god of the thunder and the lightning storm, Baldur the Bright lord of the everlasting light (everlasting, that is, until the trickster god Loki had his blind brother Hodir shoot him with the one substance that could abrogate Baldur's invulnerability - mistletoe). Loki is also on the reels as a symbol, and the others are the poker card symbols 9, 10, Joker, Queen, King and Ace. The Wild symbol here, which is also invariably known as the Substitute symbol, is Asgard the Golden City, itself, and it can substitute for any other icon except the Thor Scatter.

As for the symbol values, there are some icons that are worth more than others. For example, the Wild, for five of a kind, gets you a 20x win if you bet the lowest amount and a 500x win if you bet the maximum on every single payline. For the same symbol, four of a kind is worth 4x, three of a kind is worth a single multiplication of the original bet as a payout. We'll only be able to touch the basics in this relatively short article; but it is meant as an enticement to try out the full video slot at your best online gaming casino.

The free spins feature is another goal of yours in the effort to make a lot of money in the real cash version of Asgard Slots. With this in mind, keep your eyes on the silver mask symbol, which is slated to show up on the center reels only - when it shows up at all, that is. If you manage to luck out to the tune of three silver masks appearing, then an automatic 2x payout is funneled into your account. As far as the game, itself, goes, you also get several free spins with which to continue playing for even more potential cash. It's possible to get some stacked wilds, which translates into more free spins and a prolonged game.

There's a Royal Transformation feature that you want to watch for; it can spring up on any random spin. It's a big one, and changes all of the poker card suits into Wild symbols for the maximum five-wild payout. The beauty of receiving this particular one of four possible transformation payouts is that it will not cancel out any other bonuses that you happen to win at the same time. There are also mystery stacked options that will manifest themselves if you line up the appropriate combinations.

As for the other symbols, the sky god Odin is the highest paying. For five of a kind of Odin, you get a 10x value, and the amount decreases all the way down to two of a kind; after which there's no payout at all. The next highest os the warrior woman symbol known as a Valkyrie; five of a kind of this one releases an 8x payout. The other symbols that pay high amounts for five of a kind are Loki and the Thunder god Thor. The poker card symbols, as usual, pay the lowest amount - but it's still a considerable amount for a many-payline video slot.

Pragmatic Play, as a vendor of online casino gaming slots, is on its way to challenging for a place among the elites with the release of this much-anticipated Nordic-themed game. Asgard Slots has already been out for awhile, and yet it is still gaining a considerable amount of steam as more and more players try it out. Download it today from this online casino and play for real money on your Android, Apple or Windows mobile device, or just use the Instant Play directive to try it out for free.